I’m always cold. It’s the truth. In the summer when people are in the pool, I’m outside of the pool in the sunlight with a sweatshirt on. I always wear sweatshirts it the summer. and especially when there is air conditioning on at school. If I’m that cold in the summer, just try to imagine… Read more Cold

My book

Every day in English class, we read. Right now I am reading a book called Backlash. It’s a really good book about a girl who does something really bad after reading an awful comment on her Facebook page. Now she, and her family have to deal with some problems in their lives that are hard… Read more My book


Protective (sometimes a little bit over) Are always doing everything for you Really annoying (sometimes) Exited when you get home from school Never let you go outside without knowing where you are Tell you everything is OK Super loving and caring